About Us

Who We Are

Letsasi is designed by experts. We have combined  30+ years’ practitioner experience with accomplished mathematicians and the best of UK coding experts.

What We Do

We focus on automating the AML investigation workflow and our system will save thousands of hours of manual process.

How We Do It

Our product can be delivered either as a SaaS solution or via physical servers and is designed to define and automate the mitigation of risks as identified by the standards of OFAC, FATIF, JMSLG and FCA.

Our Values

We are practioners that understand the day to day priorities of Letsasi’s users. Not least the need to save time and money. Letsasi is light on integration, simple to use and built with Open-Source software so that our customers can tailor to their own specification.

More About The Team

Our team of practitioners, mathematicians, neural network experts and coders have created a unique non-intrusive AML APIs to monitor and mitigate risk

Trevor Tanchel


With 30+ years of Financial Markets Experience in different countries, Trevor is an experienced practitioner working in end to end product life cycle particularly wholesale products and trade finance. He has worked on numerous projects within a large bank across both 1st and 2nd line in Regulatory and Financial Crime Compliance. Trevor previously held MLRO and Compliance Oversight functions FCA (CF11, CF10).

Phone: +44(0)203 8704510

Email: info@letsasi.co.uk

Ernesto Palidda

Head Data Scientist/Product Owner

Ernesto has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, Paris. He is an expert inapplying advanced techniques to current problems in a robust and simple way. Prior to Letsasi his recent core projects include A Neural Network (NN) based Model used to qualify and take decisions on alerts generated on SWIFT wire transfers and an NN based Model used to produce an a-typical behavior/ anomaly score for retail clients.

Phone: +44(0)203 8704510

Email: info@letsasi.co.uk

Paul Straughen

Marketing & Investor Relations

Paul has extensive experience in wholesale financial products as a market maker. He is currently an entrepreneur and innovator in the Fintech, Regtech and CryptoAsset domains

Paul brings marketing and product placement experience and expertise through his angel investor network.

Phone: +44(0)203 8704510

Email: info@letsasi.co.uk

Dr. John Pickton

Technical Advisor

John has a PhD in Applied Statistics from Nottingham University. His research has involved study into how order and periodic behaviour can emerge from fully random memory-less (Markov) systems. John worked with the team on the initial concept and his creative innovator personality and strategic thinking is part of our DNA.


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