Letsasi partners with DataGardener

15 March 2021

DataGardener is a business intelligence platform that provides comprehensive Financial data and Business Information on every UK Company.

Our data can be used as a one stop shop for financial analysis by credit and risk professionals. It can be seamlessly integrated into another system and this data can be used for prospecting and marketing.

Our continuously evolving datasets includes -financial data, detailed information about charges, detailed information on County Court Judgements, commercial land ownership data, shareholders and shareholdings of a company, related party tracking and analysis, business valuation tools, mergers and acquisitions as well as insolvency data.

We take the pain out of two really big things – 1. Finding new prospects, and 2. Knowing who you are dealing with. With unrivalled machine learning, sophisticated algorithms, and clever reverse engineering, DataGardener has everything covered on both counts.

Our sincere belief is that as we emerge into the ‘new normal’ every business should get back to basics by identifying the right clients (that are financially secure) from the outset. This guiding principle will underpin every successful marketing strategy in the years to come.

By managing risk, companies can grow faster.  

To find out more, please visit DataGardener

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